Use this book to

  • Define what success means to you, as opposed to how it is defined by society, your friends and family

  • Develop deeper self-awareness and understand how you can transform the underlying beliefs that govern your behaviour and ultimately your experience of the world

  • Define your unique sense of PURPOSE and the difference that you would like to make for yourself and to the lives of others

  • Create a personal scalable success formula that so that you can experience success on a daily basis

  • Discover your unique vocational values and the inspiring career options that will free you to fulfil them

  • Discover the concept of W.I.S.E.D.O.M and how it can be applied to accelerate you towards turing your goals into your reality

Astounding in both it's breadth and consequences, yet without a hint of pretension...'Project Life' deserves to be widely read.
John Doe
Dr M Rehan Ullah
Without this book, I would undoubtedly still be complaining about my job. Now, I’m doing a job I love and am at the beginning of a career path that I truly wish to take.I can say with no uncertainty that this book has changed my life.
Jane Doe
Ameesha Green
Editorial Quality Executive
The book provides an inspiring and energising guide to self-coaching. The section on self-limiting beliefs was revealing and I found your approach innovative and convincing. Beautifully put together, and easy to read, a real page turner.
Jimmy Doe
Carol Wilson
MD Performance Coach Training

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A word from the Author

We all have within us the potential for greatness and the desire to manifest that potential through living an inspired life. At the same time we struggle to overcome the fears and limiting beliefs that stand between us and the life that we truly deserve. My work as an executive coach, a consultant and an educator has convinced me that it is possible for each of us to overcome our doubts, find our niche and live our own uniquely inspired life.

I have worked with people from all walks of life and at all levels of the corportate world. It has been my privilege to assist people who wished to reach beyond what they believed to be their limits and to see them achieve their goals. I invite you to share in the tools that were used to turn their dreams into their realities and the insights into human strategies and behaviours that were discovered on the way.

Project life begins when we take ownership of our destiny and start living the life we truly deserve. Are you ready to begin?

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